What a success! Thanksgiving for this household was a little more casual this year, but it was a lot of fun.

Drink station.

Small touches.

Can't forget the little ones.

Plastic pumpkin Centerpieces- walmart

 Linens from
Paper supplies- Party City

Paper plates, plastic goblets and plasticware - Party City

Homemade Name Cards

Flowers- Giant

Burlap Runner-

Seasonal Wine- Williamsburg Winery

 Cinnamon Sticks- BJs

 Serving Tray - Party City

Homemade Desserts
Pie Stand and Leaf Tray- Christmas Tree Shoppes

Candle Tapers- Hobby Lobby
Red Pie Pan- Food Network (Kohls)

Once again, Thanksgiving was wonderful.  I love having the whole family together. Of course, I can't wait til' next year!

Even though we had just moved into our new home in October we wasted no time getting ready for a big thanksgiving dinner.

Plastic plates, plastic ware, and plastic wine glasses -
linens -

Cracked glass vases and candles - Hobby Lobby
Flowers - Giant

2011 was a warm and beautiful day and I can't wait for Thanksgiving 2012!

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