Sunday, December 30, 2012

Menu Planning

Menu planning takes a lot of time and work, but not if you have an organized plan for getting it done.  I took the time to do just that by creating my own menu cards and board to simplify my life.

First, I bought a cheap white board and days of the week magnets from Wal mart. 

 I just pick out the meals I want for the week and place them on the appropriate day.  This way my husband doesn't keep asking me, "What's for dinner?"

 I picked out about 35 different Weight Watchers recipes and typed them on card stock.  Being on a diet is hard, but with proper planning it isn't too hard to stay on track.  I also put the amount of time it takes to make that particular meal, the points value, and the page and cook book title so I can locate the instructions. I only type out the ingredients on these cards so I can take them with me to the store.  This way I don't have to write down ingredients I need to buy each week.  I laminated them, as well, so they are easy to clean and keep for a long time.

These little cards help make my life so much easier. Whenever I find the time I will make up some more cards for even more menu options! 

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