Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Refrigerator

My refrigerator is a nightmare!!!  So, I figured the best time to clean up the act is while I reorganize my kitchen.

Here is the embarrassing before shot.... is the even more embarrassing before shot!!! YUCK!

After I did I deep clean of the refrigerator I bought place mats to put inside the drawers and such.  We can't afford the nice fridge coasters so I decided to make my own.

They aren't perfect, but I think they still look great.  I only spent $15 dollars on these place mats opposed to the $80 or so I would have spent buying them already made.  

The cheese drawer

Fruit and veggie drawer
We prep everything right after we come home from the grocery store.  We seem to eat healthier if the fruit and veggies are already prepped...easier to get what we want when we want it.  Having them in containers also makes it easier to do my weekly lunch packing.

Beverage shelf
I just bought two glass containers from Wal Mart to place my milk and tea in for the week. Not only does it look better, but it is a nicer fit.  As for the water bottles, my husband and I decided to cut back on buying water from the store so we each have two bottles to re-use during the week.  It definitely cuts down on some of the cost for monthly grocery shopping.

I keep all the snacks in one container to make lunch packing easier since I can remove everything from the fridge at once to pack for the whole week.

The empty bin you see on the bottom shelf....this is what I use it for.  My weekly lunches for my hubby and I.  I pack the whole week on Sunday night so that way I don't forget during the week or for the nights I don't feel like doing it.

I also try to prep my dinners as much as I can for the week. For example, this week we have tacos on Monday and meatball subs on Tuesday.  I pre-made the turkey for tacos and made the meatballs.  I label each container so we can remember how long it has been in the fridge.  I also put the Weight Watchers point value since my hubby and I are on the diet.  You never know what will come up during the week. So I try to prep as much as I can on Sundays to make life easier throughout the work week. This also helps me to stay on track with Weight Watchers.  Prepping all this for the week usually takes me about 2 hours, but once the week starts, trust me, it is SOOOO worth it!

We definitely love our dressings and condiments :-P  My side shelves are still a little crowded, but as for the heart of our fridge it now has a system that suits our needs.

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  1. Wow, looks great!!! And so functional! Thanks for sharing!!! :)


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