Saturday, December 29, 2012


Not only did I create a lovely Home Management Binder,the one in red, but I also create individual binders for medical, auto, manuals and planning. All of my print outs inspiration came from Jen at iHeart Organizing.  If you don't have the time or the know how you can purchase your own print outs from her online store.

All my binders nicely lined up in one location.

My first binder is the Parties, Planning and Checklists binder.

 Any time we go on a mini-trip or a long vacation I have my handy dandy travel checklist that I already have made up so I don't have to worry last minute if I forgot something. I love to procrastinate so having this list already made up is a life saver!

 I love to throw parties, but I get so stressed out because I worry about all the details.  It can be hard to keep track of all my thoughts so why not have a personal planner that puts all my thoughts in order.

 The last section in this binder is my gift giving plan.  Another thing that is hard to keep track of is all the gifts I have to get in a year.  Here is where I can see how much I spend on a gift for someone and what I have budgeted. I also can keep my lists for every year to keep track of what I gave throughout the years.

 My second binder is the automotive binder.  

 I don't know much about cars, but I do know I need to keep track of the maintenance so when my husband asks....I am prepared with all the answers to keep our cars running in tip top shape.
 The third binder is our medical information.  

 In case of an emergency all I need is this binder to give me all the information I need to let the doctor know of our medical history.  I also know every time I go to the doctors they always ask me questions and I don't remember like when was the last time I had a shot or what is the address of my doctor. Now I am always prepared!

 The fourth and last binder is not as pretty, but it serves a great keeps all our warranties and manuals all in one place.

 All I do for this binder is use a page protector and put the manual or warranty in a separate protector.  If it has a receipt I just staple it to the manual.  You never know when you may need them, but when I do, I will know where to find them.

My binders took some work to complete, but in the end they will save me so much time in the long run.  They will also keep everything I need handy.

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