Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mail Station

Creating a mail station simplifies life dramatically. Why you ask...well, in our household it is very convenient to throw all the mail down on counters until we get to it.  As for a filing system....we didn't have a great one. We just piled everything in one tiny in box, but it looked awful because we piled it so high.  Not any more!  I have everything I need in one location to hide all our mail in an organized manner while not cluttering my counters any more! 

Each tab and folder specified to make our mail easier to sort through or find what we need quickly. 

As for the filing folder....I love it so much better than a bin.  It hides everything because if you're like me I pile up the mail until I have no choice but to file.

Other little things I keep in the bin are my little notebooks. One is for daily notes and reminders that I want to jot down.  And the pretty brown and teal one in front....that is my Weight Watcher cook book quick find that I created with all my favorite recipes and where to located them quickly. 

This station was so easy to create, but makes such an impact to my life.

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