Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Years Resolutions

New Years is quickly approaching and I have MANY resolutions for 2013. I have many flaws, but for some reason I tend to try and be a perfectionist.... I am always trying to find ways of making my life easier and ways to make myself a better person. To help me with ideas and creativity I found a couple of blogs that have inspired to make 2013 a great year.  I know I have to be realistic and realize that all of my goals for the new year may have a lot of bumps and hiccups, but I am ready and excited to get started. So here is my resolution list for the new year:

Clean better and more often
Read more
Eat healthier and work out
Plan better 
Organize every room

Speaking of organizing every room....
Toni from my favorite blog A Bowl Full of Lemons will help motivate me to jump start one of my resolutions with her....

A Bowl Full of Lemons

I am going to try my best to stick with her 4 week program while participating in her 14 week challenge. Which can all be found on her wonderful website.  Check back and I hope to have my first room, the office, organized by Dec.31st!

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