Monday, January 28, 2013

Master Bedroom

This week I tackled my master bedroom which needs a lot of TLC!  I just did a couple of minor things to make it a little more organized for now, but I am hoping to come back to the bed and make it even better.



Please don't judge, this room is still in progress.  So far, I updated the bed sheets and got rid of the ugly comforter from before.  

I got two new matching night stands from ikea for 29.99 each!  I also got a cute purple flower from that will hold all my earrings/rings that I forget to take off before I hop into bed.  Check back soon, I will be making our new headboard!

My dressers used to be the ugly standard oak, but I painted the hardware and the dresser to better match the room.  I also painted our phone charger to match as well.  We keep our phones away from the bed to ensure we get up to turn off the alarms!  

As for inside one of the drawers...I bought a 6 dollar set of purple dividers for my sock/underwear drawers.  Here is the one drawer with all of my bras in one organized container.  This was a complete mess before and I could never find the right one without tearing the whole drawer apart.

The cute little jewelry tree I also bought from  I love being able to see all of my jewelry at once. It helps me to pick the right accessories for each outfit!
Check back soon to see the DIY mirror I am making to replace the small white one I have currently.

I can't wait to get started on the headboard and mirror.  This room is still FAR from being finished, but on our very tight budget, it is a start!

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  1. Looking good already in there. I love that you are doing things bit by bit like most of us. Some bloggers seem to do the whole room at once, with all new bedding, curtains and even furniture, which is beyond most of our budgets, so this is great how you are keeping it real xx


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