Sunday, February 3, 2013

Master Closet

Okay, so I know I haven't been following the organizing challenge to a tee, but I figured since I did the master bed why not go ahead and get the master closet completed...



Off to the left of our closet is where I now store all of my shoes with my new shoe organizer I purchased(Home and Gardens).  I also have a home for all of my work pants and jeans.  They used to be on the top shelf, but they were too hard to reach.  I also purchased the organizer from Home and Gardens.  The cute black and white swirl bag (from thirty one) holds all of my "skinny" jeans and smaller clothes that I am hoping to get back into. :)

My flip flops were all over the place before and had no home! Now I just store them in two purple bins that I already had on hand. This way I can just throw them in when I am not wearing them.

On the top shelf I purchased six black bins from wal-mart to hold items I didn't have room for in my dressers. These bins also hold clothing that we don't use all the time.  This is why I placed them on the top shelf since it is hard to reach.

 I just labeled the bins with Martha Stewart tags.

On the right side of the closet is my husbands clothing.  I already had two sterlight containers on hand so I used my p-touch to label them accordingly...the black bin holds my husbands work shirts/pants...

and the white bin holds our belts, hats, and ties. 

Staying true to our budget I only splurged on a shoe rack and hanging organizer. My closet still isn't the prettiest, but it is a start to make it better when we can afford it.  At least I don't have to trample all over shoes when I walk into our closet anymore!

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