Monday, February 11, 2013

Master Bath

This week to complete my whole master suite I decided to work on my master bath.  It too, like all my other rooms, was a nightmare that desperately needed an organizing makeover!



To start with my closet I organized my towels by color.  I also placed fabric bins from ikea on top of my sterlite container to store my most used items such as TP and feminine products.

 Since there is a lot of open space on the lower end of my closet I needed more compartments so I placed a Sterlite container and labeled each drawer: hair curlers, cleaning supplies, and extra supplies.

On the very top of my shelf I bought four bins from wal-mart to store all of my medicine.  They are all organized into their proper containers: cold/throat/flu, head/menstrual, anti acid/stomach/gas, and band aids/first aid.

The only thing different in my shower is the nice shower caddy I purchased from Target.  I love it because I no longer get the nasty soap scum underneath my body products like I used to when they just sat on the shower seat.

My favorite and cheapest organizer I purchased is underneath my sink vanity.  I bought a stackable container set from Wal-mart for $4 each and they are a perfect fit for under my sink.  

I bought a his and hers stackable unit, but to show it off I am showing how I divided it up: body spray, deodorant, and lotion/shaving supplies.

On the left side of the sink I have all of my head bands and extra beauty products in a cheap container from wal mart.  For my cue tips, plackers and cotton balls I re-used old candle containers to store them in.

On the right side of the sink, I have a container holding all of my hair utensils/products I use the most.  I also store all of my makeup in a cute thirty one bag.  It is nice to have it in a bag all ready to go when I need to take it with me somewhere.

In my skinny little drawer I bought an organizer from walmart for about $5 to sort my contacts, bobby pins, hair ties, hair brush and straightener.  This drawer was a nightmare before....I could never find anything. 
The last little addition to add storage in our small bathroom is containers I bought from ikea. So far I only have facial towels in the one container.  I need to figure out what else I can use these wonderful containers for.

With the bathroom now organized my life is so much easier, especially in the mornings.  I always wasted time trying to find what I need or I would keep buying the same products we didn't need because I didn't have a good visual of our inventory.  Not anymore! My bathroom is another room far from finished, but it definitely simplifies my life a little more by being organized!

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  1. Great job - love the hanging buckets.

    I would love for you to link up at the Mommy Archive. We're focused on bathroom makeovers, organisation and cleaning this week but you can also link up your fab old posts on all sorts of other topics from spring cleaning and green cleaning to housework routines and laundry, Alice@ Mums Make Lists x


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